About WhiteboardDepot.com

WhiteboardDepot.com was founded in Rockford, MI. Since 1971 our family owned and operated business has furnished thousands of dry erase whiteboards, chalk, bulletin boards, easels and conference cabinets to schools and commercial clients throughout the upper Midwest. We are now selling throughout the United States and have expanded our product offering to include Leading Manufacturers.

Our Porcelain Steel Magnetic writing surfaces on both the dry-erase PRO Series Whiteboards and DSR Series Chalkboards are backed by a manufacturer's 50-year warranty. The Poly-Rite Roll material is one of the best products available for the economical conversion from messy old chalkboards to a clean neat dry erase writing surface OR to design a custom Visual Experience for learning, teaching or promoting your ideas. Our commitment to provide top quality products combined with low overhead and personalized service, allows us to offer real discounts up to 70% or more off the list prices!

We carry a variety of popular dry erase whiteboards, retro-fit boards, projection surface, fabric, cork, vinyl, chalkboard, graphic design, glass, mobile, combination, reversible, bulletin and specialty design boards in many different sizes. Planning a major project or need an On-Site consultation? Our team of service experts is just a phone call away. We also have a nationwide team of skilled installers that are experienced, insured, screened and ready to handle any size project installation requirement.